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New video from Garagee, Numatica Digipack & GeoRhythm

Posted on September 17, 2014 at 9:15 AM

Garagee has a new album on the way, and has been busy producing video clips.

Here's the video for Gentle

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You can catch Garagee live this Friday night at the Purple Emerald,  349 High St Northcote, alonside Tempest label mates, Stickleback, Arcane Trickster, Guilty Hero and our buddies, The Med School

Also, we've just got in some lush digipack CDs for the new album from Numatica 1 X 1 =3, for those of you who know there's nothing quite like Physical product. 

You can get yours from our Bandcamp store right here:

Also, for those budding producers out there, you should check out the new mixing school for Aria award winning producer, Simon Polinski.

Simon may be better  known to you as Hesius Dome, his ambient project released on Tempest, PsyHarmonics, Cosmicleaf and many other fine labels, and also for his production work for the likes of Red Eye Express, Arcane Trickster & more on our label, not to mention worldwide stars like The Church & Ollie Olsen.

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