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Various Artists: Couch (Tempest43) CD Album


01 Red Eye Express: Alba

02 Hesius Dome: Dark Star

03 Garagee: Laika's Sojourn

04 Cellula: Cytokinesis

05 Robodop Snei: The One

06 Stickleback: Roubechon (Arcane Trickster Remix)

07 Numatica: Stomping Rain (LTH Mix)

08 Ones & Zeros: Heart In The Right Place

09 D-Rektional: Dubious Pond (Upstream Mix)

10 Zen Paradox: Wobbegong (Live at Couch)

Curated by Australian Psy chill DJ, Aslan, the monthly “ Couch ” events have been the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, bathed in ambient, dub, downtempo and psychedelic sounds. For over 3 years Couch has been a showcase for local Australian talent.

Now Tempest Recordings and Aslan have teamed up to present the first Couch compilation, consisting of local artists who have played at the events.

Amongst the treasures on the collection are previously unreleased tracks from pioneers of the Australian electronic underground such as Zen Paradox and Hesius Dome, up and comers such as Cellula, Ones & Zeros & D-Rektional and Tempest Recordings regulars Numatica , Red Eye Express , Garagee , Stickleback , Arcane Trickster & Robodop Snei .

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