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Various: Tempest Rarities (TEMPEST16)


Various Artists: "Tempest Rarities" (Tempest16) 
Digital only collection of obscure tracks previously only available on compilations, featuring Zero Cult, Red Eye Express, The Omm Squad, Sunsaria, Arcane Trickster, Stickleback, Hesius Dome & more.

01 Arcane Trickster Vs DJ Krusty: Bring On The Magic 
02 Arcane Trickster: Real Wild Child 
03 Arcane Trickster: Zombie Shuffle (Dawn Mix) 
04 Sobriquet: Dreams Burn Down (Arcane Trickster Remix) 
05 Arcane Trickster: The Wow Signal 
06 Sunsaria: We Can't Lose (Arcane Trickster Remix) 
07 Northcore Vs The Omm Squad: Mullumbimbo 
08 Arcane Trickster: Kismet 
09 Arcane Trickster: Apothecary 
10 Wormfood: Chipper Shredder 
11 Arcane Trickster: The Kid From K'un L'un (Iron Fist Mix) 
12 The Omm Squad: Rjekjavic 
13 Random Designers: Neurosis 
14 The Omm Squad: Kanashibari 
15 The Omm Squad: Phoenix (Rip Van Hippy Remix) 
16 Zero Cult: If (Stickleback Vs Arcane Trickster Remix) 

17 Red Eye Express: Vin Del Mar (Hesius Dome Remix) 



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