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Arcane Trickster: Eidola (TEMPEST19)

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Arcane Trickster: "Eidola" (Tempest19)

The long awaited debut album from Tempest mainstays, Arcane Trickster , ever prolific with releases on labels such as Cosmicleaf, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Tranceport, Equinox, Earthcore, Green Ant & many more, in addition to dozens of remixes & collaborations, its hard to believe its taken 10 years to release an album.

"Eidola" features 12 previously unreleased tracks spanning broken beats, drum & bass, hip-hop, techno, industrial & trance influences & features collaborations with Melbourne based vocalist Rachel Delany, Sydney breaks duo Random Designers & US Industrial producer Wormfood.

01 Arcane Trickster Vs Rachel Delany: Hands Of Fate

02 Arcane Trickster: Dope On A Rope

03 Arcane Trickster: Locash

04 Arcane Trickster: Dog President

05 Random Designers Vs Arcane Trickster: Simpatico

06 Arcane Trickster: Inbuilt Certainties

07 Arcane Trickster: Niburu

08 Arcane Trickster: The Pentarvium

09 Arcane Trickster: Shallow Water

10 Arcane Trickster Vs Wormfood: Workshy Layabout

11 Arcane Trickster: Zombie Shuffle (Day Mix)

12 Arcane Trickster: First Light




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