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LazyboyProactive: Kaos Dream (Tempest36)

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LazyBoyProactive is a live Electronica act based in Melbourne, Australia, combining guitars, vocals and electronics.

Formed around Mauritian ex-pat Ank Juwaheer, who upon becoming immersed in Melbourne’s techno scene upon relocation in 2000, complimented his rock roots with a new found love of electronics.

Formed in 2006, LazyBoyProactive hit the local live scene, but it took a hiatus from gigging and an extended period in a studio for ten months on a remote island for the LazyBoyProactive sound to truly take shape.

The result is Kaos Dream, the long awaited debut album.    

01 Intro (Dream)

02 Delusion

03 Groovy Candy Control

04 Cybernetic Tribe

05 Pandora’s Box

06 Dream Vision

07 Chiron

08 Substrata

09 Glitch-A-T-2

10 Désir Obscure

11 69

12 I Elaborate

13 Reaching Orion 


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