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FATE AEFFECT: Replicated Dreams Replicated Dreams (Part 1) (Tempest40)

 Replicated,dreams,fate aeffect,tempest,tempest recordings,idm,electronic,ambient,electronica

 01 Breeze                                                         

02 Binbōgami                                             

03 No Stars Overhead              

04 Friends Fight                                    

05 Brick                                                                

06 Paid & Laid                              

07 Nara                                                                 

08 Like I don't belong                

09 Fishnecks                                              

10 Weightless                                            

11 Prowler                                            

12 Synapsemple  

is an experiment in multi-faceted, esoteric, tongue-in-cheek electronica. Hard to confine to any existing genres, Cristian Verna's alterego is a catalyst for musical experimentation, discovering true inspiration and venting anger.
Fate boils away before his collection of music hardware and software, amidst voodoo trinkets and reminders of his true roots in creativity. Inspired by the mushroom, FÆ evolved from dabbling in industrial, venturing through weird tech and ambient glitchbeat/soundscapes. His sets are always unique; be prepared for a journey that both ensnares the body and bends the mind. 

Replicated Dreams (Part 1) had its germination in Cristian’s travels and was recorded primarily whilst living in Nara, Japan and reflects the wonder of this new environment. 


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