Wednesday 25 October 2017

Red Eye Express Reemixed

Red Eye Express were the team of multi-instrumentalists, Giorgio Giampietri & Damiano Verna, aided by vocalist Carolyn Guirrisi & keyboardist/ programmer, Christopher Innes.
Prolific in their short lifespan, Red Eye Express released music here on Tempest, as well as on our sister label, Cosmicleaf, and a host of other labels.
Reemixed brings together a collection of tracks released on Cosmicleaf, featuring remixes and collaborations with Zero Cult, Side Liner, D. Batistatos & Cydelix, as well as a selection of previously unreleased remixes from Tempest artists, Arcane Trickster, Lonely Faces, Stickleback, Garagee & The Omm Squad.
You can find links to Bandcamp (above) and Spotify (below).
You can also find it on iTunes, Amazon & pretty much everywhere else.

We will be launching the album this Friday night, in our home town of Melbourne at Geotech #6, with a special DJ mix from Damiano.

We've also put together a special Spotify Playlist as a guide to the new album, featuring all the tracks from the album, a track from each remixer, and (where applicable) the original version.
Give it a listen here: