Monday 23 December 2013

Between Earth and Sky at Bar Oussou and the full line up for French Fest

This Friday, Tempest Recordings presents its latest installment of our semi-regular event, Between Earth & Sky, at a brand new venue, Bar Ousoou, 653 Sydney Road, Brunswick.
Featuring Tempest stalwarts, Robodop Snei and Arcane Trickster, along with newcomers, Guilty Hero & Clouds Above Chaos, both of whom will be featured on new releases in the new year.
It's free entry, from 7pm, come along it'll make you smile!

Just a couple of days later, a host of Tempest artists will be appearing at the French Fest, not a festival of all things gallic, but a new years celebration on French Island in Westernport Bay, Victoria.

The Slice Stage will be featuring:
Stepping Inwards
Input / Output
Peter Piro Weber aka Pirotechnics
Red Eye Express
Squiddy Fiddler
Fate Æffect
Ones & Zeros
Lazyboy Proactive
Techno Bronson
Clouds Above Chaos
Shifty Gypsies


This event is BYO but to save you lugging so much grog over we have organized a bar that will be running from morning till 8pm, after that its up to you
serving Beer, Cider and non alcoholic beverages
From $3 per pot

Its also BYO food and munchies
but there will be amazing organic beef burgers and snags
burgers $7
Snags $2

Online from
$70 on the door

-Janice Earth Skateboards, shop 4/1459 Crn Pt Nepean Rd & Boneo Rd
-Shed nine, rosebud

This event is non profit, all the ticket money is spent on the party. Which means the more people, the better the party
Tickets will sell out. And tickets will unlikely be sold at the gate. So jump in early! dont miss out

30th - 31st December (NYE!)

-French Island, located in the western port bay.

-It is easy to get there, a Ferry runs every few hours from Stony Point Pier or Cowes pier on Phillip Island. $25 full fare ($15 concession) return for the ferry.
-You can get to stony point via train (V-line from Frankston station) which will drop you literally out front Stony Point Pier where a ferry will be waiting!
-15 min ferry trip!

-For those of you who are planning to drive, there is a car-park at Stony Point pier caravan park that we are able to use. Your cars will be secure.

-Bring a tent or swag to rough it for a few days, we will have a few sheltered areas away from heat and sun aswell.
-Party Staff will be scattered around the party for any problems anyone might have.
-BYO alcohol, food and WATER, small BBQ's whatever you would take on a camping trip..

STRICTLY NO GLASS BOTTLES, the owner of the property doesn't want smashed glass all over the place as it is a cattle farm. Easy enough to poor all your straight into plastic bottles and buy cans instead. bottles wont be aloud over on the ferry.


Saturday 21 December 2013

A gift from us - Free Tempest sampler, our 50th release

To celebrate our 50th release on Tempest Recordings, we present A Tempest Sampler, featuring a host of greatest tracks over the years, glimpses of what we have planned for the future, and some exclusive gems. All of this for free, for a limited time.

Download it via our Bandcamp here.

Joining us to celebrate this milestone are Side Liner, Hesius Dome, Stickleback, Guilty Hero, Arcane Trickster, Garagee, Red Eye Express, Numatica, Fate Aeffect, Robodop Snei, LazyboyProactive & The Omm Squad, plus debutants Lonely Faces & Clouds Above Chaos.

Thursday 29 August 2013

A new release for LazyboyProactive, Cosmicleaf's 9th Anniversary and more

This Friday, LazyboyProactive will be palying at Bo Peep's, at First Floor, 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.
As a special treat we have rushed through, on pre-release via Bandcamp, the new single Substrata.
Featuring 7 exclusive remixes from Hesius Dome, Rip Van Hippy, Garagee, Skazka, Arcane Trickster & Fate Aeffect.
If you are lucky, you may even be able to pick up a copy of the limited edition CD single on the night.
Full line up details are below:

If you are in the UK, be sure to check out Love Potion, featuring our alumni Terra Nine, along with pals of the label, Liquid Lounge and Pete Ardron, at one of our favourite UK venues, Inspiral Lounge, on Friday 13th Spetember.

Then in Athens Greece, there is 9th Anniversary celebrations, for our sister label, Cosmicleaf

Featuring our very own Arcane Trickster, in the first ever show in Greece, along with Zero Cult, Side Liner, Dedast, Cydelix & Tim Vekka.
It happen on October 4th, at Loukoumi Bar, Athens and its Free.

Thursday 22 August 2013

LazyboyProactive at Bo Peep's and Arcane Trickster in Athens, plus free Downloads

On Saturday 31st you can catch LazyBoyProactive, playing at First Floor 393, Brunswick St Fitzroy at Bo Peep's Saturday's Funhouse Party.
LBP may even have a brand new release to share with you all.
In the meantime, to get you fired up, we invite you, for a limited time, to download the track 69 for free, from Bandcamp.

Here's a link to a free live set from LazyBoyProactive, for those of you who can't make it, or can't wait until then.

Arcane Trickster will soon be playing their very first gig in Athens, Greece, joining Zero Cult, Side Liner, Cydelix, Dedast & Tim Vekka, for a special free showcase gig for our sister label, Cosmicleaf Records.
Watch this space for more information.

To get into the mood, here's a free download, also for a limited time only, of Arcane Trickster's track The Wow Signal, also from Tempest's Bandcamp.

The freebie's continue, as Arcane Trickster present the second instalment in their very occasional series, Atmosfera Arcana, a meandering through the Tempest Recordings label, featuring Side Liner, Hesius Dome, Red Eye Express, Numatica, Robodop Snei, Stickleback, Garagee, LazyBoyProactive & more...
Listen to Atmosfera Arcana II.

Sunday 4 August 2013

Free Red Eye Express DJ Mix and a new release from Lazyboy Proactive

To celebrate the release of their double album, Primonato, through Tempest Recordings, Red Eye Express have put together this free DJ mix featuring a bevy of tracks from their long awaited debut, along with some gems from the Tempest label including Side Liner, Hesius Dome, Garagee, Numatica, Arcane Trickster, Guilty Hero and more.

Red Eye Express will be launching the double album next Saturday night at The Empress Hotel, 714 Nicholson St, Fitzroy North, along with Guilty Hero, Stickleback, Garagee and the visuals of Tøn.

Red Eye Express: Primonato on Bandcamp

Guilty Hero: Sweethearts on Bandcamp

Here's a teaser, coming soon from LazyboyProactive, the new single, Substrata.
You can catch LBP playing live at First Floor, 393 Brunswick St, Fitzroy , on 31st August. More details to come soon.

Friday 26 July 2013

Guilty Hero Sweethearts now on General release, plus free DJ Mixes

Guilty Hero's debut album Sweethearts is released today.
Guilty Hero were formed in 2009 after discovering a shared interest in electronic music, they've explored a diverse range of styles, drawing influence from electro, drum n bass, breaks even the goth scene.
Refined through shows in the vibrant Melbourne live electronic scene, Sweethearts consists of 9 exclusive tracks of intelligent breaks.
Sweethearts is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Soundeo, and many more.
It is also available to stream on Rdio and Spotify.

Sweethearts will be launched in our home town of Melbourne, at The Empress Hotel, 714 Nicholson Rd, Fitzroy on August 10th. Only $5 to get in and you'll recieve a CD.

Supports on the night will be Red Eye Express, launching their double album, Primonato, plus Stickleback & Garagee, both of whom are featured as remixers on both Sweethearts and Primonato.

To get you all in the mood, take a listen to a new DJ Mix from Guilty Hero, showcasing their new material and their influences.

We've also got a DJ mix from Stickleback, showcasing his remix work, including mixes for Side Liner, Numatica, Guilty Hero, Red Eye Express and more.

Monday 22 July 2013

Showcasing the Empress and a trip right back to the start

On Saturday, 10th August at that Melbourne live music institution, The Empress Hotel, we will be launching our two latest releases, namely the debut from Guilty Hero, Sweethearts, and the long awaited double album from Red Eye Express, Primonato.

Joining Guilty Hero and Red Eye Express on the night will be Garagee and Stickleback. Both of whom are featured as remixers on both new releases.

The music will be accompanied by the live visuals of Tøn.

A measly 5 buck will get you in, and a CD.

For those of you who can't make it on the night, we've got Sweethearts available on pre-release via Bandcamp, before general release is on July 26th.

Primonato and all of our releases are also available on Bandcamp.

Also, we've re-released our very first release Hex by Arcane Trickster, for the digital age.

Originally released on 7" vinyl, and credited to Harmonic33, this was the very first release on the label, way back in 1998.

Damiano Verna explains. "Back in the late 90s I was involved in a number of different projects with Christopher Innes, releasing under a variety of different names on different labels. Harmonic33 and Arcane Trickster were both names we used at this time.

When Chris was on tour in New Zealand, he met this guy who was developing a new technology to cut vinyl style records on plastics. Part of his plan was have a variety of unusual shaped records. They struck a deal to do a hexagonal record, which would be like a 7" record in the centre.

To this end, we wrote the track breaks track 'Hex', and remixed it in a downtempo style as 'Vex'.

Unfortunately the technology never worked, we were unable to realise the Hexagonal record, and our Kiwi contact went bust, if I remember correctly.

So we found ourselves with two tracks, mastered for vinyl, and no deal to release them. Waste not, want not, we decided to release them ourselves, and the label was born.

After a little while, we became aware there were a number of other bands called Harmonic33, or similar, so we decided to re-release all of that material as Arcane Trickster.

More recently, our new distributor asked us to update the sleeve for digital release, far enough too. Rob McPherson, our in house designer, put together the wonderful crooked man design. Looks pretty wizard to us."

Give it a listen on Bandcamp, Spotify, Rdio and pretty much everywhere else.

Friday 12 July 2013

Free DJ Podcasts round up

We're always thrilled to see our tracks used in DJ sets and Podcasts.

Here's a guide to the best of what we've found recently, in no particular order.

First up we'll start with Sorin Pricop, with his tribute to our good mate D.Batistatos, one of the stalwarts of our sister label, Cosmicleaf, which features a collection of his best productions, including his marvellous remix of our very own Red Eye Express.

On the theme of Cosmicleaf, and tributes check out Vivat Cosmicleaf 2 Mixed By Miron, which features contributions from Red Eye Express, remixed by Zero Cult, Arcane Trickster's remix of the Not Drowning Waving classic Cold And The Crackle and the collaboration between Side Liner, Stickleback and Arcane Trickster : Something To Remember.

Vienna's Radio FM4's show Liquid Radio is proving to be a must listen, the 23rd June, featured Pan Electric & Alexander Daf, with their track Birthright taken from the All Around The World release.

Last but not least is a pair of fine mixes from the site, namely Replicant's Cure, featuring the title track from Strange Ongoings by Robodop Snei and Finding the Wolf Spirit which features Side Liner's remix of Terra Nine's Brain, taken from the album Strange Craft.

Saturday 29 June 2013

Tempest Recordings on Spotify, Bandcamp, and a new release for Side Liner

Hi all, its been a little while between news items, so there is plenty to talk about.

Firstly, the Spotify content freeze is over, which means you can now find our entire catalogue to stream for free on Spotify, including our latest releases Primonato by Red Eye Express, 2222 by Side Liner & The Keeper by Hesius Dome. Give them a listen for free.

If Spotify isn't your thing, you can also listen for free on Where, usefully, you can find our release by searching by label (or just click on the link).

While we are talking about new releases, we've got to encourage you to check out the new release from Side Liner, on our sister label Cosmicleaf.

Missing Pieces of A Puzzle 3 collects a series of rarities and remixes from Side Liner , including Tempest's The Omm Squad, with the track Strange Harvest.

Last of all, you might notice we've given the website a bit of a overhaul, taking into consideration feedback from fans to make it easier to use, and to better integrate with Bandcamp, where you will find all of our releases!

This Wednesday night: Slice Omni Ear 3 featuring LazyboyProactive, Stickleback and Red Eye Express
Posted on April 22, 2013 at 6:30 AM
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Here is the next gig by Slice Events @ The Noise Bar featuring Tempest artists: Stickleback, Red Eye Express and Lazyboyproactive. There will also be great music from The Scullamooks, Sikander, Rhythmik, Vibemaster & Input / Output! It is on Anzac day eve wednesday the 24th of april (thursday is a public holiday!) @ 291 Albert St Brunswick VIC 3056

Starts at 7 pm, so be early

$5 door entry + Drink specials on the night! Sure to be a cracker of a gig so be sure to attend!

Friday 3 May 2013

All things Arcane Trickster, Gigs, Mixes and a new release

Itas been a busy time for Arcane Trickster lately. Having recently played at the Cosmicleaf 9th Anniversary Celebration in Athens, for those of you who missed it, check out this free mix prepared by Arcane Trickster to capture the feeling of the night.

We are proud to announce the Cosmicleaf connection is set to continue, with a brand new, exclusive track "Blit" to be featured on the forthcoming Nova Natura 4 compilation.

Compiled by Zero Cult, the album also features Side Liner, Zen Garden, Cydelix, Dedast and many more. Its out on 24th Feb.

For those of you who can't wait until then, you can preview all of the tracks here.

For those of you in our home town of Melbourne, Arcane Trickster will be playing at the Renaissance Festival, this Friday, in Yarra Junction.

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday 26 March 2013

Red Eye Express new double album Primonato now available

Red Ey Express' brand new double album, Primonato, is now released.
Red Eye Express are the team of producers Giorgio Giampietri, Damiano Verna and Christopher Innes. Veterans of the Australian electronic music scene they've been featured on a host of releases, ont on the Tempest label, but also through Cosmicleaf (Greece), Yellow Sunshine Explosion (Germany), Tranceport (Russia), SoulCandi (South Africa) and Cinetiks (France).
Primonato explores a synthesis between guitars and electronics, influenced by traditional music and ambience, it's not to be missed.
Available in limited edition double CD with lush 8 page booklet, through our online store or available digitally on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon & many more.
It is also available to stream for free on Spotify & Rdio.

Featuring 22 tracks, 18 of these, previously unreleased. The album comes with a bonus collection of remixes from Tempest favourities Stickleback, Arcane Trickster, Robodop Snei, Garagee, Audiosauce, Skazka and Aquamarine Sounds in addition to mixes from Implantfrom the Alfa Matrix label and Apell from Clan Analogue.

Thursday 21 February 2013

Shows for Kerensa Stephens & Phase 7, plus a DJ set from Liquid Lounge

This Saturday,‎ Kerensa Stephens , vocalist, most notably with Terra Nine, but also found working with Red Eye Express, Side Liner & Zero Cult, is playing a rare solo gig at The Inch Bar, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Details here:

Also this Saturday, you can catch Robodop Snei, in his techno alter ego, Phase 7, playing at Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On, a free party, at Revolt Artspace, in Melbourne Australia.

Last but not Least, our good mate Liquid Lounge has uploaded his set from our recent show at the Noise Bar, its a great momento from an awesome gig, and well work checking out:

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Tripswitch at the Noise Bar! Plus, the Rainbow Serpent Festival

Tempest Recordings & Slice Events present:
Tripswitch (UK, Section Records )
Liquid Lounge (UK, Anjavision)
Mote (Brisbane)
Terra Nine (NZ, Altar Records/ Tempest Recordings)
Red Eye Express (Tempest Recordings/ Cosmicleaf Records)
Garagee (Tempest Recordings)
Stickleback (Tempest Recordings)

24th January at Noise Bar.
A mainstay of the british downtempo scene for over 10 years, Tripswitch (Nick Brennan) cemented a worldwide reputation as a meticulous and talented producer with the release of his first full-length album 'circuit breaker' on youth's liquid sound design label in 2005, to great critcal acclaim.
Nick launched section records in 2010 with the release of the long-awaited tripswitch follow-up album 'geometry'. and soon established section records as a force to be reckoned with in the dance, bass and downtempo markets.

Nick has been touring the tripswitch live act for the past 12 years on the european festival circuit and is a firm favourite with the punters. recognised as a must-have fixture for the sunset slot, the tripswitch sound is perfectly suited to those balmy summer evenings where the crowds are building themselves up to a night of dancing on the main floor.

2012 has been nick’s busiest year yet on the road, taking him to north america, asia and australasia in addition to blistering sets at the largest european festivals. those who’ve witnessed one of these sets have been among the first to dance to the new, mid-tempo progressive sound which Nick has been quietly developing over the past year.

For this, his only club show in Australia, he is joined by felow UK chill guru Liquid Lounge, New Zealand's Terra Nine, Queenslander Mote, and locals Red Eye Express, Garagee & Stickleback for a night of the finest psychedelic, downtempo and chilled out grooves known to man.
Only $11, and if you buy this special pre-sale ticket, you will receive a free CD from our catalogue.

Wednesday 2 January 2013

New Release: Side Liner - 2222

We are excited to announce our first release for 2013.
Side Liner: 2222 The Remixes.

01 2222 (Stickleback Remix)
02 2222 (Arcane Trickster Remix)
03 2222 (Numatica Remix)
04 2222 (Garagee Remix)
05 2222 (Hesius Dome Remix)
06 2222 (Prostranstvo 2008 mix)

Nick Miamis is one of the busiest people in Electronic music. As Side Liner he has become one of the world's best in the psychill scene, producing a host of critically acclaimed albums and blissing out the chill space at dozens of festivals.

Nick is also the co- manager of the CUT Music Label group, and manager of the Cosmicleaf & Unicorn Labels {sister labels to Tempest Recordings}.

Ever prolific, he has produced remixes for the likes of Red Eye Express, The Omm Squad, Terra Nine, Kick Bong, Zero Cult & many more, in addition to compiling the "Nova Natura" and "Discovering" series of compilations.

2222, originally featured on his album, “Crying Cities” is now featured with new remixes from Hesius Dome, Numatica, Arcane Trickster, Stickleback & Garagee.

2222 is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Trackitdown and more. Don't miss it!

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Interviews with Tripswitch and Mote, A huge gig at the Noise Bar and Rainbow Serpent Festival to go ahead!

This Thursday night here in our hometown of Melbourne, we have a huge line up at the Noise Bar, Brunswick.
Featuring: Tripswitch & Liquid Lounge from the UK, Terra Nine from New Zealand, Mote from Brisbane, and locals Garagee, Stickleback& Red Eye Express.
Its only $11, and starts at 7pm.
It is going to be awesome!
To get you in the mood, check out this interview with rising star, Mote from Haarp Media.

Also, on Wednesday, be sure to tune into Kiss FM, for Volatile Sounds with Lucca Tan and Tech-Aid will feature an interview with Tripswitch.

You may have heard, Rainbow Serpent was on the brink of cancellation. The good news, it's full steam ahead!

Set times are now up, with our artists Robodop Snei, Red Eye Express, Numatica, Terra Nine & more on the bill!