Friday, 26 July 2013

Guilty Hero Sweethearts now on General release, plus free DJ Mixes

Guilty Hero's debut album Sweethearts is released today.
Guilty Hero were formed in 2009 after discovering a shared interest in electronic music, they've explored a diverse range of styles, drawing influence from electro, drum n bass, breaks even the goth scene.
Refined through shows in the vibrant Melbourne live electronic scene, Sweethearts consists of 9 exclusive tracks of intelligent breaks.
Sweethearts is available via iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, Soundeo, and many more.
It is also available to stream on Rdio and Spotify.

Sweethearts will be launched in our home town of Melbourne, at The Empress Hotel, 714 Nicholson Rd, Fitzroy on August 10th. Only $5 to get in and you'll recieve a CD.

Supports on the night will be Red Eye Express, launching their double album, Primonato, plus Stickleback & Garagee, both of whom are featured as remixers on both Sweethearts and Primonato.

To get you all in the mood, take a listen to a new DJ Mix from Guilty Hero, showcasing their new material and their influences.

We've also got a DJ mix from Stickleback, showcasing his remix work, including mixes for Side Liner, Numatica, Guilty Hero, Red Eye Express and more.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Showcasing the Empress and a trip right back to the start

On Saturday, 10th August at that Melbourne live music institution, The Empress Hotel, we will be launching our two latest releases, namely the debut from Guilty Hero, Sweethearts, and the long awaited double album from Red Eye Express, Primonato.

Joining Guilty Hero and Red Eye Express on the night will be Garagee and Stickleback. Both of whom are featured as remixers on both new releases.

The music will be accompanied by the live visuals of Tøn.

A measly 5 buck will get you in, and a CD.

For those of you who can't make it on the night, we've got Sweethearts available on pre-release via Bandcamp, before general release is on July 26th.

Primonato and all of our releases are also available on Bandcamp.

Also, we've re-released our very first release Hex by Arcane Trickster, for the digital age.

Originally released on 7" vinyl, and credited to Harmonic33, this was the very first release on the label, way back in 1998.

Damiano Verna explains. "Back in the late 90s I was involved in a number of different projects with Christopher Innes, releasing under a variety of different names on different labels. Harmonic33 and Arcane Trickster were both names we used at this time.

When Chris was on tour in New Zealand, he met this guy who was developing a new technology to cut vinyl style records on plastics. Part of his plan was have a variety of unusual shaped records. They struck a deal to do a hexagonal record, which would be like a 7" record in the centre.

To this end, we wrote the track breaks track 'Hex', and remixed it in a downtempo style as 'Vex'.

Unfortunately the technology never worked, we were unable to realise the Hexagonal record, and our Kiwi contact went bust, if I remember correctly.

So we found ourselves with two tracks, mastered for vinyl, and no deal to release them. Waste not, want not, we decided to release them ourselves, and the label was born.

After a little while, we became aware there were a number of other bands called Harmonic33, or similar, so we decided to re-release all of that material as Arcane Trickster.

More recently, our new distributor asked us to update the sleeve for digital release, far enough too. Rob McPherson, our in house designer, put together the wonderful crooked man design. Looks pretty wizard to us."

Give it a listen on Bandcamp, Spotify, Rdio and pretty much everywhere else.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Free DJ Podcasts round up

We're always thrilled to see our tracks used in DJ sets and Podcasts.

Here's a guide to the best of what we've found recently, in no particular order.

First up we'll start with Sorin Pricop, with his tribute to our good mate D.Batistatos, one of the stalwarts of our sister label, Cosmicleaf, which features a collection of his best productions, including his marvellous remix of our very own Red Eye Express.

On the theme of Cosmicleaf, and tributes check out Vivat Cosmicleaf 2 Mixed By Miron, which features contributions from Red Eye Express, remixed by Zero Cult, Arcane Trickster's remix of the Not Drowning Waving classic Cold And The Crackle and the collaboration between Side Liner, Stickleback and Arcane Trickster : Something To Remember.

Vienna's Radio FM4's show Liquid Radio is proving to be a must listen, the 23rd June, featured Pan Electric & Alexander Daf, with their track Birthright taken from the All Around The World release.

Last but not least is a pair of fine mixes from the site, namely Replicant's Cure, featuring the title track from Strange Ongoings by Robodop Snei and Finding the Wolf Spirit which features Side Liner's remix of Terra Nine's Brain, taken from the album Strange Craft.