Thursday, 1 October 2015

Brand new releases

We've set up a new website for the label at Although still very much under construction, we are keen to get started as we've two brand new releases to tell you about!

Pan Electric & Alexander Daf: All Around The World (TEMPEST29)
A collaboration in cyberspace from Russian DJ/producer Alexander Daf and UK Chill & ambient artist Pan Electric (Matt Coldrick). The project began after Matt heard an ambient mix of Alex's on internet radio woke up on Neptune 3 days later. A few myspace messages later and the project began. Files began whizzing backwards and forwards about a year ago -

Alex's IDM abstract, Russian style being complimented by the textural Chill ambiences of Pan Electric.
The language barrier became a surreal inspiration after Matt misunderstood a suggestion of Alex's and re-wrote the entire rhythm section of one tune when Alex just wanted him to turn up the bass a bit!
Both of them had been using on line auto -translators which have the same affect as GPS in-car systems on roads often taking you miles out of your way or delivering you where you least expected!
Enjoy the journey.

01 Unseen But Not Unheard
02 Eastern Approaches
03 Birthright
04 Affinity Plus One Birthright
05 At The Edge Of The World
06 So Long As There Is Faith
07 Ghosts Laid To Rest

Numatica: Sonic Circus (TEMPEST30) 

Numatica is the down tempo project from Melbourne based producer Andrew Hunt. Sonic Circus features remixes from Deep Fried Dub (Iboga), Stickleback (Tempest/ Synchronos) & Arcane Trickster (Tempest/ Cosmicleaf) in addition to a remix from Numatica"s new side project Macuanti.

01 Sonic Circus (Radio Mix)
02 Sonic Circus (Stickleback Remix)
03 Sonic Circus (Deep Fried Dub Remix)
04 Sonic Circus (Macuanti Remix)
05 Sonic Circus (Arcane Trickster Remix)

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Garagee launches his new album, and on air on PBS tomorrow

This Friday Garagee will be launching his new album, Garagee II, at Long Play. With support from labelmates Lonely Faces, Stickleback and Arcane Trickster.
See Garagee in an intimate, cinema setting!
This venue has strictly limited seating, so pre-booking is a must!
$25 ticket gets you:
* Entry to the launch gig
*12" Vinyl copy of 'Garagee II' (which comes WITH CD copy + sticker!)
* An additional disc from Garagee's back catalogue (of your choice - providing stocks last!)
*First 20 orders will also receive a limited edition Launch Poster.
Tickets are available here

The album is available on Bandcamp, iTunes and pretty much everywhere else and you can stream it on Spotify

Garagee will be interviewed tomorrow morning on Melbourne radio 3PBS' Breakfast spread from 8 am. Those of you who aren't locals can stream it here

Also available is the single from the album "LDHB" featuring remixes from Hesius Dome, Arcane Trickster, Lonely Faces & Stickleback.

Also available on Bandcamp, iTunes and streaming on Spotify

Friday, 23 January 2015

Tempest artists at Rainbow Serpent Festival this weekend and a free DJ mix from Numatica

This weekend sees Hesius Dome & Robodop Snei playing at one of Australia's premier outdoor music festivals, Rainbow Serpent Festival.
Tempest artists have played at every edition for the last 10 years, and we are thrilled to continue the association.
Missed out on Tickets? All sold out, we're afraid.

For those of you who can't make it, or even if you can, we're presentlng an exclusive DJ Mix from Numatica, featuring tracks from our latest compilation "Tempest In Dub Volume 2" and the latest album from Numatica "1X1=3".

Numatica In Dub by Tempestrecordings on Mixcloud