Friday 16 June 2017

Arcane Trickster new album, free DJ mixes and Trickbox!

Released today is the new album from Arcane Trickster, "Far From Here"

Coming some 6 years after their debut album "Eidola", Arcane Trickster have been far from idle, releasing on numerous compilations and turning out some fine remixes.
"Far From Here" showcases the chilled, blissed out psy grooves which have been a hallmark of their DJ and live sets, and is their strongest work yet.

Listen on Spotify

Also newly released, through our sister label, Cosmicleaf Records, is Dense & Fourth Dimension's "MindCycles Remixed"

Featuring a remix from Arcane Trickster, along with contributions from Side Liner, Aviron, Kickbong, Jens Buchert and plenty more.

Check it out on Bancamp.

Listen on Spotify.

Coming at the end of this month, is the new release from Stickleback "Fireworks".

We've sneakily snuck it out on Bandcamp a little early.

On Tuesday night, Arcane Trickster & Stickleback will be interviewed on Infectious Unease, on Inner FM, here in Melbourne, hosted by Gordon Taylor, on air from 11 pm, and posted online thereafter.
Here's a recent show, featuring a few goodies from our label:

Also, while we are talking about DJ mixes, check out this mix from Stickleback, showcasing tracks from our new releases:

We will be launching the new albums at Bar 303 on 1st July, in our home town of Melbourne. We'd love to see you there: