Wednesday 26 November 2014

Earthcore this Weekend, Metaphoenix released, and festivals galore

This weekend is Earthcore 2014 with a strong representation from Tempest Recordings, featuring Numatica, Arcane Trickster, Robodop Snei, Hesius Dome, Sunsaria & D-Rektional.

Set times are below:

Whilst we are on the topic of festivals, December will be jammed packed, first with the Renaissance Festival, at Camp Eureka, Yarra Junction between 26th to 28th December, which will feature sets from Arcane Trickster and Stickleback.

Then there's French Fest, over New Years, on French Island, which will feature our artists, Sunsaria, Stickleback, Lonely Faces and Arcane Trickster, along with Ear Mind Eye, Tøn, Sikander, Stepping Inwards and The ScullaMooks from our new sister label, Slice Records.

Speaking of Slice, their first compilation album, Metaphoenix, is now available through iTunes, Spotify, and pretty much everywhere else.